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Costanza Chia

  1. odawn:

  2. softpyramid:

Lynda BenglisBaby Contraband1969Poured pigmented latex1 1/2 x 79 x 20 inches
  3. wallacewallace:

As Gata fumando
Óleo sobre tela
10 x 15 cm
  4. softpyramid:

Sid GarrisonAugust 20, 20122012 Colored pencil on paper 18 × 18 in
  5. featherandmoss:

I like arranging combinations of dried field flowers, black locust thorns, and goldenrod galls because it looks like visual representation of my personhood, which is sometimes dainty, sometimes bitchy, and sometimes flat out weird. I’m betting more than a few of you out there can relate…
  6. euo:

Buck + Allanah, Marc Quinn, 2009
  7. snowce:

David Hockney, Domestic Scene Notting Hill, 1963
  8. emptythreats:

Paul Herbst Portable Hell
  9. drawingdujour:

Drawing of the Day 198
  10. eyeburfi:

Watercolour painting of the mythical Buraq, from the exhibition Sumatra: Isle of Gold  at the Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore. Via NYT Arts